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Denver Reverse Mortgages

Shop for the best reverse mortgage deals in Denver, Colorado.

Meet Christopher Gibson

Christopher Gibson Reverse Mortgages

Christopher Gibson

Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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Get the best reverse mortgage deals in Denver, Colorado.

Christopher Gibson and C2 Financial are a great team to talk with in Denver about a reverse mortgage, from Aurora to Lakewood and anywhere in the South Platte River Valley.

Christopher is an accomplished agent offering all types of mortgages and has widened his scope to help financially challenged Denver seniors by advising them about potentially life-changing reverse mortgages.

After seven years in real estate, Christopher realized he had blinkers on as to just how uncompetitive the rates were that many local loan officers were offering.

He is a big believer in high quality service and not having to sacrifice the best rates to receive it.

“A small difference on rate can mean hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars difference per year in interest payments,” Christopher said.

“So I decided to find a way to offer the services and prices I wanted my clients to have.”

Denver, Colorado
Caption: Denver, Colorado. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

That’s why whether it is a traditional mortgage or a reverse mortgage, Christopher’s commitment to you is the highest standards of services with the absolute best possible rates.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a truly incredible product perfectly suited to retirees who find themselves in some degree of financial distress.

It is ideal for seniors who have equity in their own home but are worried about having to sell up and downsize, just to see out their retirement.

As long as you are at least 62 years of age, you qualify to apply for this loan which gives you the power to convert that equity into a brand new income stream!

Approved applicants can relax, knowing their financial future is secure and that they can remain in their beloved home.

They can also look forward to a higher standard of living and maybe even think about enjoying some of life’s little luxuries again - nice vacations, home renovations, pretty much anything at all.

Homeowners can access funds in a number of different ways including a lump sum payment, monthly installments or a line of credit which proves very attractive to many.

A mix of all three is also available.

One of the brilliant features of this loan is that as long as the terms are met, there is no need to repay it until either the homeowner sells the residence or the last surviving borrower passes away.

A booming market has seen homeowners in Denver enjoy another 11.6 percent boost to the value of their properties over the 12 months*, rising to an average of $626,721 (

There are already 4,140 people in and around Denver with a reverse mortgage - 889 signed on in the last year*.

About Denver, Colorado

Denver is named after James W. Denver, a former governor of the Kansas Territory in 1857-58.

Prospectors from Lawrence, Kansas rushed to the site in 1858 when gold was discovered in the area.

Mining towns at St Charles, Montana and Auraria were established but by late that year, Kansas senator General William Larimer was politically driven to name the site ‘Denver City’ after the former governor.

It was later shortened to ‘Denver’ when it became the state capital.

One of several cities sometimes dubbed the ‘Wall Street of the West’ because of its abundance of brokers, Denver is also known as the ‘Mile High City’ because of its altitude.

One step on the State Capitol Building sits 5280 feet (1609 meters) or exactly one mile above sea level.

Only 14 cities in the world sit higher.

Despite the rare air, Denver is an extremely walkable city, has 300 days of sunshine per year and is adorned with 200 parks lying amongst 20,000 acres of greenery.

But it’s not always green - Denver receives 56 inches of snow per year.

Sports mad locals are blessed - it is one of the few cities to have six professional sports teams.

For those who prefer to ‘do’ rather than watch, Denver also boasts 90 golf courses and miles of bike trails.

Contact your Denver reverse mortgage lender today.

Christopher and his C2 team are standing by to take your call if a reverse mortgage has pricked your interest.

Please contact him at (720) 513-0299 and he will walk you through all of your options.

*As at December 2022


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